Wind Mitigation

There are several factors you should consider when deciding to have a Wind Mitigation Inspection. Will the insurance plan I have qualify for a discount? Is wind related damage insured? How can I secure my property during windstorms and wind related natural disasters? These questions should be answered by either your homeowner’s insurance company or agent.

A Wind Mitigation Inspector provides a LA state approved report on the wind resistant features of your home. We then complete the form in a timely manner and submit it to your insurance company. Your home may qualify for a discount on the windstorm insurance policy, based on the information in the report.

The cost for a wind mitigation inspection ranges from $150-$250, and if you have not had an inspection yet, you might be paying too much for your current coverage. Some states have reported that homeowners had overpaid up to 22% before having their home inspected by a wind mitigation inspector.

If you live in S E Louisiana, I can help you with this. The inspection will cover the foundation, roofing, openings and wind resistant systems your home has. As Katrina Survivors and La residents, you know 1st hand why certain areas are more prone to wind damage than others, especially during hurricane season.

Give me a call if you think you may want a wind mitigation inspection on your home or if your insurance company has requested you have one.

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